We are manufacturing the wide range of Single Bed & Double Bed Mink Blankets

Single Bed Blankets

Majestic Blankets

Available on 1200 GM

Classic Blankets

Available on 1600 GM

Elite Blankets

Available on 2400 GM

Double Bed Blankets

Impression Blankets

Available on 1800 GM

Solitare Blankets

Available on 2.5 K.G.

Lilly Blankets

Available on 3 K.G.

Relish Blankets

Available on 4 K.G.

Winter Blankets

Available on 5 K.G.

Raymon Blankets

Available on 6 K.G.

"Very good collection and products are of good quality. The prints are very good and the color doesn't run. I am happy with the Radisson Blankets ." Abhishek

I think it was simple to make the blanket and I liked the layouts you guys have. It was hard choosing a background maybe you guys can suggest some with the layouts or picture coordination.


Just wanted to let you know that these blankets are wonderful ! The quality of all blankets are excellent and customer services are also greate !
Thankyou Radisson

Shubham Sharma

Great company to work with. Thanks to Radisson to process our bulk order quickly in this hard situation. You will also get blessings of people who will use your quality products .... Thanks Radisson


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